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The Frassati Path is one of the thirteen present in Italy and dedicated to Pier Giorgio Frassati.

With a length of 22km, it has an entirely traced path that unravels between the mountains of Sasso di Castalda, alongside the Oasi del Cervo and along part of "La Via dell'Acqua" 

The path is within everyone's reach. So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to venture into this beautiful path?

Did you know that?

The power section of the Italian Alpine Club has curated the marking of the path, inspired by the advice of Spiro Dalla Porta Xidias, one of the fathers of the C.A.I .: 

"The signs on the trails take away the taste for adventure. Nevertheless, at least on the main paths, this is necessary to invite less experienced hikers to walk with greater safety. Let's make sure this isn't invasive. "