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Guarda che Luna is an accommodation facility that offers a special welcome and overnight stay for each guest. 

It is located in Sasso di Castalda, a village in the heart of Basilicata in the Lucanian Apennine Val D’Agri Lagonegrese National Park. Our passion is our territory, that is the desire to make known all our adventures created thanks to the love we put every day to discover and enhance our land.

Our bed and breakfast was born in 2017, with the intention of making a small dream come true, that is to be able to welcome tourists to make them fall in love with our wonderful places. In short, it all started as a challenge with ourselves: opening the doors of our home, making each person feel as if they were at home.

Gradually all this became reality. 

We have grown both as a structure and as a person. We have focused on the well-being of each guest, always offering experiences that they can experience. 

One of these is the culinary experience we offer in our Home Restaurant, offering simple dishes that are rich in history and tradition handed down by our grandparents. 

The feature of our structure is a porthole in each room overlooking the valley of the Ponte alla Luna, one of the longest Tibetan bridges in Europe from which you can admire all the beauty of our landscape.

At the beginning of 2020, thanks to a drawing found and made as a child, the idea of the "Tree House" was born.

We can say that we have always respected and valued nature. 

Trekking, horseback riding, picnics in the mountains and many other adventures are just some of our wonderful experiences. 

All you have to do is come and visit us. Let yourself be fascinated by our landscapes, but above all come and live our traditions with us.

Possiamo dire che abbiamo sempre rispettato e valorizzato la natura. Trekking, passeggiate a cavallo, picnic in montagna e tante altre avventure, sono solo alcune delle nostre meravigliose esperienze.

Non ti resta altro che venirci a trovare. Lasciati affascinare dai nostri paesaggi, ma soprattutto vieni a vivere con noi le nostre tradizioni.