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Climb, reach the top and challenge yourself and our Mountains.

All this is possible in Sasso di Castalda between the silence of our rocks and the warmth of a sweet sunset.

Via Ferrata "Belvedere"

The start of the Via Ferrata "Belvedere" can be found along the Beneventano path, near the first rocky wall that rises towards the top of the slope where the belvedere is located.

The path has been aided along some rocky crags, first vertical then less accentuated and finally near the "summit" with a last vertical leap and the characteristic passage under the sky-walk to then reach the summit plateau under the ruins of the ancient castle .

Via Ferrata "Arenazzo"

The Via Ferrata "Arenazzo" develops through a route specially designed to explore the wild nature present along the "ditch" formed by the Arenazzo stream. The itinerary allows you to access, through a path that branches off directly from the historic center of the town, to the bed of the stream in its lower part, to then pass it on a Tibetan sporting bridge and then attack the rocky walls with the Via Ferrata "Arenazzo" which form the opposite side.